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Advance Purchase of Discounted Gold
Monthly Return, Up to 1 Ounce of Gold
Do you have a minimum of 10% of your portfolio in gold? If not, enquire now, and we will assist.

Gold is generally viewed as the safest and most secure asset in the world. Once the pillar of our monetary system, it is now renowned as a store of wealth and a hedge in times of economic uncertainty. For banks, governments and major financial institutions it is the foundation for underpinning their very existence.

  • All gold is certified 99.99% 24KT gold and comes with a certificate of purity;
  • The purchase of gold will be delivered in equal amounts over a fixed 24-month period along with the monthly bonus gold;
  • For a purchase of $100,000 at an LBMA spot price of $1,500 per ounce (for example) you would receive 66.67 ounces of gold delivered in equal amounts of 2.778 ounces to your personal gold account held in Zurich for a fixed period of 24 months;
  • For every $100,000 purchased you will also receive a discount of 1 ounce of gold per month delivered to your personal gold account over a fixed period of 24 months, (total 24 ounces). Amounts less than $100,000 will receive fractional discounts so, for example $25,000 = 0.25 ounce/month;
  • Minimum purchase: 25,000 USD/GBP/EUR.
I believe it is important to have a high level of trust with your investment advisor as well as ensuring they provide good potential investments. They have proven their expert knowledge and experience and have provided honest assessments of potential investments. Highly recommended.

Lucas Finch

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