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Pre-listing Opportunity
An exclusive pre-listing opportunity in natural resources for qualified investors

A company led by an expert management team, highly experienced at managing mining projects (gold, lithium, nickel) around the world and building equity value for stock market listed companies. With identified large gold, reserves, the company is poised to take advantage of a hot sector, with the gold price currently trading at 7-year highs. Also with identified large Lithium reserves, they are capitalising on the growing need for lithium batteries to meet the clean energy needs of the future. Gold production is expected to begin this year and year 1 forecasts are revenue of $145m and EBITDA (after royalties) of circa $50m.

The company is expected to list on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and dual list on the London Stock Exchange later in 2020.

  • A mining consolidation play rolling up lucrative global assets;
  • Independent Wardell Armstrong in ground valuation in excess of $5Bn;
  • Wardell Armstrong report suggests a fair value of EUR 5.40 per share;
  • At listing 111,100,000 shares will be on issue;
  • Share price: 0,60 EUR;
  • Minimum investment: €11,000.
I believe it is important to have a high level of trust with your investment advisor as well as ensuring they provide good potential investments. They have proven their expert knowledge and experience and have provided honest assessments of potential investments. Highly recommended.

Lucas Finch

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