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Renewable Energy Mining Opportunity
It's good to own shares in mining companies, that's where the growth is going to come from.

Metal Rocks Ltd is an Australian minerals exploration company specialising in discovery and development of projects prospective for nickel, copper and platinum group elements. Metal Rocks is committed to providing the battery metals to help power the new, renewable energy-based global economy.

  • Minimum investment: AUD20,000;
  • Huge growth potential;
  • Very limited share offering;
  • Opportunity to invest in the lithium, cobalt and nickel – demand increasing due to the automotive battery market;
  • Inferred JORC estimate, resource verified;
  • Experienced management team, previous success – Citadel Mining transaction where they managed to take the company from an unlisted company structure valued at AUD8,000,000 to a final take over by Equinox/Barrick Gold for AUD1.5 billion;
  • Well-developed and successful business, likely that it will be bought out/merged with another company and/or float in the near term;
  • New valuations and price increase happening soon.
I believe it is important to have a high level of trust with your investment advisor as well as ensuring they provide good potential investments. They have proven their expert knowledge and experience and have provided honest assessments of potential investments. Highly recommended.

Lucas Finch

Huge growth potential
Very limited share offering

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